The Next Step for Mental Health

Death. Rape. Abandonment. Separation. Bankruptcy. Ill-health. Depression. Anxiety. Loneliness. Insufficiency. Here are just a few of the infinite list of events that can occur in our lives and change it all. Life events can happen to anyone. Life events can happen at any time. These things come without a warning – and can shake the rest of our lives. It’s our inability to change disastrous moments that gives them the power to break us: young or old, man or woman, rich or poor. No one is immune to the courses of life, and we never know when something might happen that flips everything upside down. Whatever it may be in our lives, it’s set in stone, never able to be rewritten. There are only two paths we can go – the path of keeping onwards and recovering or the path of driving ourselves into the ground. For most people, it’s the path of driving ourselves into the ground, because we simply cannot cope.

These events seem to have the strongest impact on our lives; they’re the ones we’re most unprepared to face. We all need to be able to cope, and none of us, regardless of age, seem not to know how. Young or old, we all need to learn how to cope and get more support.