Teaching Coping Skills and Wellbeing From An Early Age

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Life events can happen to anyone – no one is immune. Some occur without warning: rape, children losing their loved ones, ending up in a foster home or even homeless are just a few in the list that doesn’t end. In addition, there are young carers among us doing an amazing job for their family members with ill health, all of which is a heavy burden on the young one.

The most effective way of tackling mental health early, for whatever the case may be, is for every school to start teaching more coping skills and DBT as early as possible, just like the way we teach reading, writing, Music and PE. This also helps break down the stigma often associated with mental health. Physical health is a necessity for wellbeing, so we have Physical Education as a class. In the same way, mental health is a necessity for wellbeing, so why don’t we have classes for coping skills too?

We aim to develop innovative ways to help people with their mental health, which is why we want to teach spiritual wellbeing as well as coping strategies such as DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy). It has been proven to be effective, and though one size doesn’t fit all, these things can play their part in helping whatever the situation at hand is.

We know some schools have started supporting students with this and comment time to time about mental health issues. But as is always the case, this isn’t enough. This is why we are striving for schools and the government to have DBT qualified staff in each school just like you have a first aider or school nurse, because like said before – mental health is the side of health that always gets overlooked and teaching coping skill will be young pople tools.

Whenever students need to speak to someone in school, there should be a qualified staff and understanding ear to turn to. We need to support students’ on their mental journey, because whatever the level; depression, anxiety, bullying, self-harm, exam stress, isolation and so on, we’re all victims to our mental health in one way or another.

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Our Values

Honesty – Be honest. Say how everything truly is and only how it truly is. This is the time for you. Allow yourself to express.

Goodness of Heart – Try to do what’s right even when everything pulls you to do what isn’t. Stick to your principle. Life can never be made easy, but it can be made simple.

Understanding – At the end of it all, we’re all human. Try your best to connect with people and be on their wavelength, to see how they see, to feel how they feel.

Community – This is a place for people to help each other all move in the right direction. This is a place where the misunderstood can search to be understood, appreciate the people around you.

Openness – Be open. Open-minded. Open-hearted. Be open to try new things, hear new perspectives, walk new paths. It all comes down to starting.

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